The Narrative, Immersive Power of 360 Video

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In this day and age, internet video is everywhere. Youtube, Netflix, TikTok, all on your computers, TVs, and smartphones. Grabbing the viewers attention is key, but holding their attention is where the marketing battle will truly be won! The biggest weapon? Short video.  A recent survey by Cisco projected that internet video traffic will be 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by the end of 2022. How will your content rise above this sea of videos and content? You need to make a life changing impact with your video message and find ways to give your product, event, or tour a distinct advantage against your competition. You can do all this and more with the new 360° immersive video technology that's now available to you from the unique content creators at SunriseXR.

  • What is immersive video technology?
    In traditional videos, the director chooses what the camera shows, and the viewer can only see from one angle. With a 360° immersive video, the audience is inside the video and can be in control. In other words, they can look left, right, up, down, or even turn around and see what's behind them!

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  • How does it work?
    Using cutting-edge technology, SunriseXR makes 360° videos by recording a special rig of multiple cameras and a dedicated camera that contains multiple camera lenses embedded into the device, and recording overlapping angles simultaneously. We then layer these different videos in order to produce the immersive, 360 experience!
  • So why invest in 360 videos? 
    Immersive 360 ° videos are perfect for giving those who can't visit your site in-person a realistic, exciting, and informative experience of your facility. Beyond the “wow” factor, this offers your business a few outstanding advantages in marketing strategy:

A heightened sense of realism:
With our cutting-edge technology, your 360 ° videos will layer and incorporate a collection of high quality videos in order to produce one video in which the viewer can look from any angle and turn around to see their surroundings just like in real life!

A more personal experience

The expertise of the team of content creation professionals at SunriseXR allows you to further personalize the augmented reality experience by incorporating features like: personalized greeting, customizable menus, live guided visits, pop-up stories and features. On top of that, giving viewers the ability to wander around the video as they like will hold your audience’s attention like no other!

Informative and interactive:
AR 360° videos give the client the ability to participate in meaningful responses through their interactive nature, in the sense that viewers can interact with things in the virtual realm as opposed to simply being an observer. Additionally, our technology allows you to add more content and information without crowding the screen since it’s interactive, which allows for more thorough information to influence decision making.

Show more, crowd less:
With immersive technology, you can make your video a lot more than just a fun and interactive experience that not only puts you right in the middle of it all but also puts your audience right where you want them to be! By having the option of adding pop-up information everywhere, you no longer have to overcrowd the videos with written subtitles and texts that might put off potential clients. Let’s face it, nobody likes subtitles and people love videos because they’re less reading and more showing!

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Significantly better attention
According to a study conducted by a UK agency on the neurological and brand impact of AR, AR increases ad recall by a whopping 70%, almost doubling your chances of being remembered. This means that incorporating immersive 360° videos will make your audience remember your brand for much longer than your competition!


Bottom line:

There's no better or more powerful way than immersing individuals into a creatively produced, interactive world. When 360° videos are properly produced, viewers can choose a different experience and gather fresh information – just like a good movie that just gets richer with each viewing. Captivate your target audience and the general public alike and allow them to experience your brand or message interactively from the inside out. And it's perfect for live events. Imagine the fun of interacting with live concerts, music videos, or mingling with the stars at your favorite red carpet event!
The possibilities of how 360° Immersive Video can work for you are endless. SunriseXR understands how to create powerful effective content that will get the return on the investment you desire. Take a look around on our website and contact us to learn how we can help you create the edge that your video needs to survive.