VR Meeting Rooms

  • Bring together your clients from around the world like never before. 

    VR Rooms allow clients to form the social and emotional bonds with your team and each other, just like an in-person mixer. SunriseXR VR Rooms include hosting fully-branded live events like admit receptions, mini games, and other interactive features.
  • Features


    VR Rooms allow for people to gather together and connect in a more immersive, personal way than Zoom videos.

    Worldwide attendance

    Guests from across the globe can join together and meet, network, and socialize.

    Locational Audio

    Locational audio allows for realistic interactions, where you hear those closest to you best, just like an in-person party.

    Games and Activities

    Host games and activities that make your VR Room even more immersive, engaging, and exciting.

    Fantastical Locations

    Host a party on the surface of the moon. Hold a meeting at the top of the world's tallest mountain.

    Branded Rooms

    Decorate the room according to your color scheme, style, and branding. Include your logo all over the room, highlighting your company and making a lasting impression.
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  • Why a VR Room?

    Make your event stand out

    Make a lasting impression with your one-of a kind event, with exciting games, video presentations, and immersive interaction.

    Brand your space 

    VR Rooms are fully customizable, and allow you to brand your event with your logo, style, and color palate.

    Life-Like Interactions 

    VR Rooms are immersive, and create life-like interactions. Locational audio creates life-like sounds, where those your closest to are the easiest to hear. Experience full-body interactions, unlike Zoom or other video conferencing applications.

    Socialize from Across the Globe

    Clients, Customers, and Co-Workers can join VR Rooms from anywhere in the world. Connect in real-time with friends in other countries and reconnect with those you haven't seen due to recent travel restrictions.

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