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How AR Business Cards Will Win You The Highest ROI at Your Next Conference

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By Abdullah Bannan

At some point in your life, you have probably dreaded the prospect of attending yet another networking event, marketing conference, or trade show. There is usually a lot of money and effort involved in networking with very little ROI. Each year, businesses spend tons of money and resources on networking events. A study done by the Harvard Business Review showed that companies allocate up to 35% of their annual advertising budget to trade shows and conferences, with a striking average of $73,000 spent annually. This money is usually spent on space, deliverables, and employee accommodations. Compared to all these dollars spent, there’s a relatively limited value for the business. But with this 10-cent AR business card you can make your connections memorable and successful with a much higher ROI. These cards enhance traditional 2D printed cards, allowing you to create a digital 3D experience that displays on and around your physical card, launching directly from a QR code and a smartphone camera. Think Snapchat filters, now make that a business card!

The Dilemma

In addition to the enormous expenditures of a marketing conference, on average a conference is attended by 5,000 people, which can make it hard for a single business to stand out. Yet, companies are compelled to attend becuase their competitors do. Conferences and other forms of networking events are usually expensive, exhausting, boring, long, and it’s difficult for one business to make an impression among a sea of competitors. The key is to find a way to make your company memorable and achieve a higher ROI to make the hassle of the event worthwhile. How then, can a small investment in something like an Augmented Reality Business Cards tangibly enhance this experience? 

What Do We Mean By AR Business Cards?

Although AR Business Cards look and feel just like a traditional card, the magic begins when a viewer scans the QR code on the back of the card with their phone. Their device will launch a digital 3D experience that displays text, links, media, or whatever else you want, hovering on or around your physical card. The viewer can move or tilt the card around, and the projection will move with your card because their phone will visualize your business card’s location and position.

Make Your Business Stand Out

When you’re investing in a trade show, your biggest enemy is forgetability. Clients will go home with over 50 different business cards and an inbox that’s overflowing with connections and LinkedIn requests. With the average person retaining only about 5-7 items in their short-term memory before they get replaced with the very next thing, chances are they forgot about your business before they forgot what they had for lunch! However, you can make your business more memorable with our interactive AR cards that will impress your clients with customized menus and personalized greetings. According to a study conducted by a UK agency on the neurological and brand impact of the tech, AR increases ad recall by a whopping 70%, drastically improving the likelihood that you will leave a lasting impression. 

Simple Design That’s Easy to Use 

With our AR cards, your clients are able to add all of your contact information with one tap. From within the AR experience, users can access a pre-selected menu and add a contact card that includes your phone number, email, etc. This way, calling your number or sending you an email is only a tap away. No need to worry about typos when they copy your info! 

Forget About Space Limits

Since the size of a standard business card is 3.5" x 2.0", you can only fit so much information there while keeping it neat and professional. With AR cards, however, there is no limit! You have the option to add literally anything you’d like, from all kinds of social media handles, an interactive video, or even a portfolio of your work! 

Make Your Elevator Pitch To-Go

An elevator pitch is extremely important when introducing your business to a new client because it demonstrates your professional aptitude and general skills. But with so many people and so little time, it’s hard to remember names, let alone an entire spiel. AR cards allow you to add a video introduction or a well-honed elevator pitch about your company that your client will have access to wherever they are. Whether it’s a talking resume, portfolio, or elevator pitch, your client will have it to-go! 

Your business card is one of the most important marketing materials that represent your brand, and it serves as a physical reminder of the first impression you made on your client. But you can do much more than that! By adopting AR business cards, you’re one QR code scan away from dazzling your clients with a transformative experience that will make you memorable, significantly increase your ROI at your next conference, and take your business to the next level.