• AR Business Cards

    Impress from the very first impression

    gif demonstrating an AR business card. A phone scans a QR code on a business card and pulls up an AR experience that expands the card to show a video and several different clickable links with information
  • Tired of having your business cards get tossed in a bag and forgotten? With Sunrise XR business cards, the simple scan of a QR code makes your card the most memorable one at the conference.


    With our AR Business cards, you can:

    • Have the AR experience display a video of you speaking to clients directly
    • Include additional biographical information and small personality-adding touches.
    • Show a fun and memorable animation or video that highlights your goals and products.
    • Direct to gamified call-to-action buttons like your website or a promo video, with every click fully trackable
    • Make it easy and pain-free for potential clients and partners to remember you, contact you, and access more information.

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  • Included Features

    Personalized Text and Images
    Call to Action Buttons
    Thousands of Activations Supported
    Accessible on All Mobile Devices
    QR Code Creation
    Custom Card Design
    Lead Generation Tracking
    No Download Necessary
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