Specialized Holograms

    Enhance your marketing with eye-catching imagery

  • Holo Backpacks

    Mesmerize crowds wherever you go with innovative apparel.


    Revolutionize your brand on the go with cutting-edge holographic backpacks. The striking 3D holograms contained inside the backpack's transparent cover bring significantly more attention to your brand than traditional logo apparel.

  • Holographic Spinners

    Wow your clients with eye-popping handheld merch

    Bring the magic of holograms to your hands with fun and eye-catching holographic spinners. The color display of the spinners makes your branding unique and memorable, giving your merch an edge that will make your brand stand out.

  • Holo Portraits

    Impress with quality images and video in Mona Lisa-esque 3D

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    Show off the aesthetic strengths of your office or brand with a custom mirror-based display that catches the eye with its level of detail, precision, and quality. Powered by rechargeable batteries, this display will supplement any tabling event, welcome center, or office.

  • Features

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    Quick Production and Shipping Timeline

    HoloWall displays can be produced and shipped to you in as little as 45 days.

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    Custom 3D Models

    Comprehensive customization of your holographic branding

    and visuals, including custom 3D model creation,

    texturing, and lighting.

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    Our standard HoloWall package comes with 3, 5-second-long custom 3D animations.

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    Pre-loaded Display and Charger

    Your custom 3D content comes pre-loaded onto your HoloWall. All you have to do is plug it in and turn it on!

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    Free Shipping

    Fast and reliable shipping is included with every purchase.

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    Set Up Call and Installation Support

    Set up, installation, and ongoing support is guaranteed for all holographic displays.

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    Cardboard Travel Case and Protective Packaging

    Safe transport of every purchase is guaranteed with durable protective travel cases and packaging.

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    Additional Devices and Animations

    Purchase additional holographic backpack, desk and stand displays (including set up and installation),

    and custom hologram animations at a bargain price.

  • FAQ


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    US Office:

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